Communication is an integral part of the LRI program. Through the LRI, ACC members sponsor independent scientific research and openly communicate the results to the public, the scientific community and government regulators through a variety of media approaches, including peer-reviewed publications, workshops, conferences and the Internet. The following provides a summary of LRI’s communication resources.

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  • ACC Science & Research Highlights. Provides concise research and impact summaries intended for audiences with varying degrees of technical expertise in the topics covered. 

  • Workshops and Conferences. LRI co-sponsors workshops and conferences with scientific societies, international organizations, and government agencies. In addition, LRI and its International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) partners organize workshops to foster interactions among researchers and stakeholders, to stimulate discussions that can improve the scientific basis for policy-making and to support consensus building that can advance the risk assessment process. 

  • ACC Research Catalog. LRI research project abstracts and publications by researchers funded by LRI have been compiled in a new, easily searchable web-based catalog. Information is organized into the following research areas: Epidemiology; Exposure Science: Ecological and Environmental; Pathways and Mechanisms of Action; and Technology, Methods, and Assessments. Within the catalog each project or publication is summarized as a card; clicking on the card will open a link to a publication or a list of project publications.


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