Scientific Tools and Methods

The research supported and catalyzed by ACC LRI has led to the development of a number of methods and tools to investigate and characterize toxicity, exposures, dosimetry, and risks. Information on the ACC LRI tools and methods can be accessed via the hyperlinks below.

RC Epi RC Exposure      RC Env RC MOA      RC Other

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» Additional tools from the Cefic LRI program are available here.

» Additional tools from the JCIA LRI program are available here.

LRI Tools and Methods: Exposure Science

RC Exposure Exposure science focuses on understanding the fate and transport of chemicals from sources of manufacturing, use and disposal and includes studies of exposure scenarios, behaviors and use patterns related to contact and interactions with, and uptake by, environmental receptors and humans. Research support from ACC’s LRI has contributed to the exposure science methods and tools listed below. Click on the hyperlinks to learn more about each method.