Global Initiatives
Around the world, the chemical industry currently faces multiple challenges. Sound science is essential for addressing these challenges and for providing the basis for decision making about chemical safety and innovation.

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Research Integrity
Innovative and ground-breaking, research that meets the highest standards of scientific integrity.

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Science in Action
Translating research findings for science-based decision making.

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Science for a sustainable future – making people’s lives healthier and safer through innovations in products and services.

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The Long-Range Research Initiative (LRI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) promotes innovations in chemical safety assessment. It invests in science essential for understanding the impact of chemicals on human health and the environment.

With a focus on biologically-relevant exposures, LRI adopts an integrated approach to exposure and hazard characterization to promote a shift in focus away from development of safety assessments based solely on hazard or exposure data.

Through integration and translation of its research outcomes, LRI transforms this information into knowledge that can inform decisions and policies about the safety of chemicals relevant to current environmental and public health challenges.

The LRI Program—Science to Inform Policy

Fast Facts:

  • The focus of LRI research is catalyzing innovations for toxicity testing and exposure science in the 21st Century.

  • LRI’s Principles ensure that the funded research meets the highest standards for scientific excellence, transparency, and fair and unbiased conduct.

  • LRI research advances efforts to reduce the use of animals in chemical toxicity testing.

  • LRI’s online database provides ready access to the more than 600 peer-reviewed articles published by LRI-supported investigators.

  • Beyond research, LRI promotes bench-to-policy translation of science.

  • Annual ICCA-LRI workshops provide dynamic forums to examine emerging issues in chemical safety among multi-stakeholder audiences.